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Lurking About in No Man's Land

blather, rinse, repeat

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like a vore turducken
I am a grain specialist.
(like kool-aid), (parenthetical asides), a_duck_that_shits_bacon, adebisi's improbable hat, anton [p]enus, aquaman: devourer of toddlers, bacon wrapped in bacon, batman's pink wrinkly member, beachcomber's nudist colony, blitzwing's monocle, bon jovi's manpain, booster gold's ass, booster/lemon meringue pie, buddyfic, by gum!, chaucer-gower flayme werres, cobralalalalalala!!!!, crack pie, cracked-pepper-with-your-underpants?, david kaye voicing everybody, de-magnetising my moral compass, dead insect weeporn!, deadpool/gladys, deliberately bad special effects, denying the schwa's existence, destroying your childhood, did somebody say bukkake?, ditko bugs, eggplant mike, elitist baby-killing faggots, explosions with pouches, fagnosticism, falling criminal/batman, female heroes male sidekicks, fitted sheets, frank miller/simon furman, fuck_this_where's_the_pee, haiku flamewars, hate you! want divorce!, hating dawson leery, huffer/woolly mammoth, hugs for omega supreme!, hundred/jetpack, i'm gay for you!, i-am-a-model-of-mental-health!, iggy_pop's_post-natal_nanny_goat_teats, inappropriate latin-esque plural forms, inuit folktales, it's_not_cheating_if_it's_starscream, jason stackhouse's stupid face, jimmy olsen's magic totem, john howard smash!, johnny depp's tasty opening, julian mcmahon's stupid face, kick in the sledge, lackeys!, lexiac/atom, looking at lionporn, make ood go!!!!!!!!!!11111!@!, making shit up, max lord/l-ron, max lord/mitchell hundred, mccoy's giant foil dildo, mccoy's stimulant collection, megatron's black-hole-powered man-eating phallus, megatron's whirling groincannon, megatron: poster-bot-for-lawful-evil, mocking jason akermanis, murdered for his penguins, mysterio/spider-man, nnnnnnnnnnixon, notp, octane's boob job, oh boy! tentacles!, omega supreme's cashmere jumper, optimus prime says no!, papa/mama/mambo, paying butt tax, penis fjords, picard's manpain re: borg, pseudoscience, ray asses, rebadow/busmalis, rooty call, running in little circles, sbs voiceover guy, silver age batman, sitting through sardo, skyfire's moist dewy petals, skyfire/tardis, slapping george w bush, somewhatconsensualroughsexatron, soothing fire naps, soundwave/megatron: sekrit rezbians, spamburger turducken, speaking like shrapnel (shrapnel), starscream's hot cyber pussy, starscream's seven-mile spanking machine, stingray vandal, strudel whores, sucking eddie's pulsating pillar, sunstreaker's vore fetish, swindle's bolo tie, ted's just pining, the falling criminal, the goaty proletariat, thundercracker/skywarp/bees, tidal wave's fiery nipples, ultra magnus can't_deal_mit_deutschmarks_right_now, unicron loves michael aspel, us president abreact abeam, what would rorschach do?, whoreswhoreswhoreswho..., woggle porn, yours jizzily_thomas jefferson, zombie jli, zombtimus prime

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